Customers - Our First Priority

At PT. Suryakabel Cemerlang, serving customers is our first priority. That means giving you all the support to get what you need. We take pride in being able to anticipate and meet customer needs. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and focus our work on their total satisfaction.

Integrity - The Foundation of All Our Actions

We believe in ethical behavior in all transactions. We set high personal standards for ourselves and expect the people with whom we conduct business to do the same.

People - Our Most Important Resource

At PT. Suryakabel Cemerlang, quality service begins and ends with our dedicated, highly trained employees. We are there for you everyday - answering your questions and making the system run smoothly. Our comprehensive training program gives employees the tools they need to solve problems and helps ensure that our employees are always up-to-date on new product features and options.

We communicate with our employees by providing feedback, reinforcement, motivation and recognition. We invest a great deal of time and energy in our employees and support performance-driven training and development.

Speed - Our Competitive Advantage

We understand that nothing is more frustrating than waiting around for a late delivery. That's why PT. Suryakabel Cemerlang dedicates their system for on-time delivery. To meet them, we eliminate unnecessary work, thereby reducing cycle time and excessive bureaucracy, and lead to a fast and on-time delivery.